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Any bone in your body can break from a car accident. Common car crash fractures include lower legs and femurs, arms and wrists, clavicles, hips, ribs and facial or skull. Spine and neck fractures are also common from head-on and rear-end collisions.

With a fractured bone, it does not always swell immediately. Swelling occurs when there is damage to the surrounding tissue or when the body recognizes an injury and increases blood to help heal it (occurs within a few hours). Usually if there is immediate swelling there is a more complex break that has damaged the tissue in the area as well.

No matter what causes a fracture, it usually falls into one of 2 categories: simple and compound fractures. They are then divided into many other categories.

Different types of bone fractures:

  1. Simple Fracture: Also called closed fractures, they occur when your bone suffers breakage but doesn't pierce through the skin.
  2. Compound Fracture: It is opposite to simple fracture and is also known as an open fracture. It will pierce through the skin. So it is more likely to develop an infection in this type of a fracture.
  3. Oblique Fracture: They are slanted fractures caused by an intense force applied at an oblique angle.
  4. Transverse Fracture: This fracture happens when you apply a serious force at a right angle to the bone.
  5. Spiral Fracture: You have a spiral fracture when the fracture line twists around the bone. You get this type of fracture because of severe twisting force applied to the bone.
  6. Comminuted Fracture: Among all different types of fractures, comminuted fracture is a serious one. The bone will be broken into several fragments. This is a highly complicated injury and usually heals quite slowly.
  7. Liner Fracture: You have this type of fracture when the break runs the length of the bone.
  8. Greenstick Fracture: More common in children, it's partial fracture with 1 side of the bone unharmed, the other side will almost look like fraying. This type of fracture usually heals quickly.
  9. Segmental Fracture: This type of closed fracture occurs when there is too much pressure on 2 extremities of the bone. Bone splits into 2 fragments–the fragments will jam into each other.
  10. Complete and Incomplete Fractures: You have a complete fracture if the bone is fragmented completely. It's an incomplete fracture when 2 pieces of the bone partially avulse from each other–there will be some connection left between both.
  11. Compression Fracture: This is a type of fracture or break in your vertebrae. This happens when the vertebrae is compressed.
  12. Avulsed Fracture: This happens with a ligament pulls a piece of the bone off

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